Garden Peninsula Foundation

P.O. Box 218  Garden, Michigan  49835

Protect, Preserve & Enhance
...the quality of life



The Garden Peninsula Foundation cares about the things that make our peninsula special. Birds, wildlife, land, air, water, people, culture and heritage of the Garden Peninsula are things we are proud of and work to protect. 

We Support...

We support local organizations who host events and programs for residents of Garden and Fairbanks Townships with donations and volunteer hours. We support our state agencies and others that work to protect the birds, wildlife, land, air, water, culture and heritage of the Garden Peninsula.

We Oppose...

We oppose the siting and operation of industrial wind turbines on the Garden Peninsula. They create a documented threat to migratory birds and raptors, disrupt enjoyment of property, create nuisance noise, cause shadow flicker, disrupt views and sleep, and cause loss of property values for residents and parcels near the turbines. We continue to work to mitigate the situation.