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 1. July, 2017:  Our attorneys have received notice that Heritage will begin the permitting process for Phase II of the Garden Wind Farm.  The text of the notice follows:  This email is 90 days advance written notice pursuant to paragraph 1.b of the Stipulation and Proposed Order re Plaintiffs Motion for Preliminary Injunction (Dkt.26) that Heritage will be filing applications with all township or county officials, planning commission, board or board of appeals for all building permits, zoning compliance permits, site plan reviews, variances and other township or county actions necessary for or related to the approval or construction of additional wind turbines on the Garden Peninsula.

 August 15, 2017:  Our lawsuit has been dismissed in Federal Court.  The reasoning is unclear.  The case was: Garden Peninsula Foundation v. Heritage Sustainable Energy LLC filed January 16th, 2015 in Federal District Court (Western Michigan). Case No. 2:15-CV-00008-RAED. 

We did gather valuable information from the lawsuit regarding the extent of Heritage Wind Farm's exploitation of the Garden Peninsula.  Documents filed by them on August 28, 2015 show they own or lease over 10,000 acres on the peninsula.  Wind industry standards allow 15-25 acres per industrial wind tower.  We also learned of Heritage's capacity to obfuscate and propagandize.

On the advice of our attorneys, we will file a lawsuit (September 2017) in State Court rather than appeal the Federal decision.

There are advantages to filing in State Court, particularly the leeway offered by the Michigan Environmental Protection Act regarding different birds and also bats.

We will be able to use our completed and paid for bird studies (Spring 2016) in State Court.  The studies concur with our contention that the industrial wind towers on the Garden Peninsula are a danger to bird species protected by both the Federal and State governments.

The Foundation would like to hear from those who may be directly affected by Heritage Phase II activity (2017).  If you or someone you know will be subject to noise, flicker, light or vibration, please let us know by contacting Sue Rochefort, 906-450-2458 or Craig Potvin, 906-341-6500.  They may be able to assist you in identifying where the Phase II wind towers might be located.

 2.   We have had some success in amending the Delta County Zoning Ordinance about industrial wind towers.

During the past two years, we and others have provided a great amount of information regarding industrial wind energy  to the Delta County Board and the Zoning and Planning Committee.  However, it appears they may not understand that Delta Counry is the last bastion of industrial wind towers in the state of Michigan (according to State Representative Beau LaFave).

We are grateful to the County Board for their patience and service. We are particularly grateful to Board members David J. Rivard who's common sense is a gift.

However, a number of areas are still insufficiently addressed. They are:

1) Death and injury to migrating birds
2) Depreciation of residential property
3) People's health and safety
4) Industrial wind towers as a sustainable energy source

It should be noted that Heritage Wind Farm contributed funds to the Delta County Economic Development Authority (sic).  It should be further noted that the Delta County Economic Authority vehemently opposed any changes in the Delta County Zoning Ordinance pertaining to the Wind Energy Systems.

These concerns need attention from political leaders at all levels. We again urge our fellow citizens to take action and make their concerns known.

 3.  Currently the Foundation is supporting Garden Township in its effort to enforce a limited noise ordinance. Foundation actions have consisted of promoting attendance at meetings, citizen letter writing, and financial support to cover legal costs.

The Foundation considers this limited Noise Ordinance to be a serious "quality of life" issue.

 4.  The Garden Peninsula Foundation Academy supports the Garden Peninsula community by offering education in most academic subjects at no cost provided the class size is a minimum of four students.

 5.   Care taking of 2.2 miles of M-183 on the Garden Peninsula (Michigan Adopt a Highway). Our fall clean up took place on September 28, 2017.

 6.   Coaching and financial assistance for the Big Bay de Noc High School Robot Building and Competition Team.

 7.   Enabling the Tri-Star EMS to purchase a needed emergency medical device.

 8.   Supporting the 'Old Timers' fishing derby.  Our support was continued on April 15, 2017.



We continue to welcome inquiries regarding funding of activities that compliment our mission statement.