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Sidney and his friends lived surrounded by beauty. Their red blinking eyes and their extreme height allowed them to see and be seen for miles around. Life was good.
After a time, however, Sidney’s arms began to ache, his oil leaked and his feet shook. When he told his friends they laughed and nicknamed him Sufferin’ Sid. Then their arms also began to ache, their oil leaked and their feet shook. Sidney no longer suffered alone.
Sufferin’ Sid was embarrassed by the noise and strobing shadows he created. The headaches and illness he observed in the people below were very disturbing. Worst of all, Sufferin’ Sid and his friends realized they did not belong where they had been placed.
Sufferin’ Sid apologized to the birds and animals that he threatened and he mourned their deaths.
Sufferin’ Sid tried to warn his keepers of his concerns but to no avail. Sufferin’ Sid had been sold as an “easy money” opportunity. His purpose was to satisfy the fears of the “energy needy” public.
One day, Sufferin’ Sid’s fears were realized. One of his arms became so fatigued that it cracked and flew off. Out of balance, Sufferin’ Sid tottered and swayed. His feet quaked and he almost collapsed.
Poor Sufferin’ Sid, he did try to warn us. I hope no one was hurt.
Perhaps someday the tourists will return to that beautiful place and property will again be sellable.
Maybe if Sufferin’ Sid and his friends depart.
Unfortunately there are still tax supported subsides to help build more and even taller Sufferin’ Sids.
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